10 Years is a Lifetime in Search

by Ian Rosenwach on 7.29.2009

The Yahoo-Microsoft deal is finally sealed.  The first part that jumped out at me is the 10 year agreement.

10 years is a LIFETIME in search.  The market is going to change, and this partnership does not guarantee a long-term, formidable Google competitor.

If Yahoo and MSFT don’t enhance their core product to improve the customer experience they will continue to lag behind the market leader.

What could the next 10 years bring?

  • Smarter inclusion of image and video in search results.  Video and image search are still in their nascent stages.
  • Inclusion of audio in search
  • Far more personalized results
  • Social results, what your friends clicked on
  • Move towards the CPA model

It’s a big partnership, but the game is still far from over!

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