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by Ian Rosenwach on 8.3.2009

Twitter URL Service Says No to Ads, Yes to Data-Mining News | Epicenter |

I’m intrigued by It may be easy technology to replicate (at least the URL shortening part), but they were the early entrant into a growing market.

Their analytics is clearly their core. Twitter may have a giant Network, but they need to make more connections out of that Network to truly add value. is an example of a service that puts connections together and creates value. But they’ll have to think of something beyond just a Digg clone.

But is dependent upon the Twitter service. As Twitter goes, so goes Not the best position to be in, until the service truly gains mass appeal (Google). Services like SEO, SEM, and a whole lot of other products are built on the Google platform. Twitter’s not there yet, and it’s early in the Real-Time search/data game.

It’s all about the Network.

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