Subscribing to apps on the Apple TV

by Ian Rosenwach on 1.15.2011

I’ve been using Netflix Instant lately, streamed through the Apple TV.  This gets me thinking about the best model for streaming digital content to the TV.

One path the market could take is using the same app-based ecosystem Apple has encouraged on their other platforms.

What if there was an app store for Apple TV? Silicon Alley Insider suggested this is in the works, but suggests that the apps would be as varied as the iPhone app store.

The apps would be from media companies like NBC, CBS, the Discovery Channel, AMC, HBO, and ESPN.  Or a level deeper in the creative chain – apps for individual production companies and TV series.  Maybe customers could just subscribe to Mad Men, and not all of AMC.

Picture 5

Instead of purchasing the apps, customers could “rent” apps for a small monthly fee.  This could be a compelling, consumer-friendly way to get the most value out of the money we spend on content.

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