Why Sharing Matters

by Ian Rosenwach on 1.30.2011

I’ve been familiar with GetGlue for a while but haven’t been compelled to sign up.  For those of you that haven’t heard, GetGlue lets user check in to various activities, like watching a movie or sporting event. Today, I took the plunge.

In this post I’ll tell you what compelled me to join GetGlue, and why sharing will change how content is organized on the Internet.

I was watching The Girl Who Kicked the Hornets Nest on Netflix Instant.  I thought it was a great movie and genuinely wanted to let others know. I enjoyed the pace and the suspense. Even the subtitles.  Watch it if you haven’t yet!

Great Content

Great content inspires people to tell their friends so they can benefit from the same feeling they did. The web is a huge collection of Content. Social sharing tells s a lot about the quality of content.

Consider Demand Media. I’d be curious to know how many people share Demand Media pages. Is there deep user engagement?  Demand Media depends on Google for a good chunk of it’s revenue, and the Google search engine for lots of traffic.  Google doesn’t know as well as Facebook does how many people share Demand Media owned pages.  If they did, their search results may be different. For Google not to have access to important data on content quality is a problem.

Social Quality Signals

Social sharing is a signal of content quality. Companies that own this social sharing data are building a treasure-trove of what’s good on the web.

This is why Facebook (and Twitter) are such threats to Google – they own all of these social signals that help rank content better.  Smartly, Twitter has monetized it’s social sharing data through deals with the big search engines.  Facebook has done the same on some level, most visibly with Bing.  If Facebook or Twitter are able to rank content more effectively then Google, that’s a threat at Google’s core business.

That also means companies like GetGlue that aggregate content sharing data have a bright future.

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