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Marty Robbins’ El Paso and the Breaking Bad Finale

by Ian Rosenwach 10.1.2013

(ALERT: Breaking Bad finale spoilers below!!) First, hit play for the full experience. On September 23rd I tweeted my predication that the song El Paso would play a big role in the Breaking Bad finale. The title of the episode was “Felina”, and I recognized the name from the song El Paso. My familiarity with […]

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What I like about iTunes Radio

by Ian Rosenwach 9.23.2013

It’s no secret that artists don’t make the living they used to in the music business. The shift to digital content consumption changed everything; the chances for artists to earn a viable living as musicians are slimmer than ever. Streaming services like Spotify and Rdio provide a revenue-generating, legal framework for listeners to get unlimited access […]

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Digital Pollution

by Ian Rosenwach 9.23.2012

“It is absolutely a race between our ability to create data and our ability to store and manage data,” Mr. Burton said. Our ability to create data is winning. The New York Times has a good article on data center energy consumption.  It turns out the “cloud” and the dozens of web services we all use […]

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Widget companies, virtual goods, and advertising

by Ian Rosenwach 8.4.2009

“Think of us like an e-commerce business,” says Keith Rabois, Slide’s vice president of strategy and business development. Internet Start-Ups Diversify Their Business Models – Keith Rabois of Slide means e-commerce in terms of virtual goods. This may make sense internationally, especially Asia, but is a pretty big bet on an uncertain market in […]

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Amazon to Acquire for $847 Million – Bits Blog –

by Ian Rosenwach 7.22.2009

Amazon to Acquire for $847 Million – Bits Blog – Big news in the e-commerce world.  Zappos was always great at humanizing their brand and being very customer-focused.  That philisophy is in sync with some of Amazon’s core beliefs, and I don’t doubt it played a major role in the acquisition.  That, plus […]

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