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Apple/Beats – 2 premium brands are better than 1

by Ian Rosenwach 5.12.2014

Apple faced a problem – how could they reach new customers without tarnishing the Apple brand, which commands a huge premium that has driven Apple’s growth? Answer #1: Launch a cheaper, more colorful iPhone! Call it the iPhone 5c. Give people different color cases to let them express themselves and personalize Apple devices more than ever […]

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What Facebook Video Ads learned from Video on Instagram

by Ian Rosenwach 12.18.2013

Remember Video on Instagram? It was announced 6 months ago with much fanfare as a new way for users to share stories. Instagram was owned by Facebook at that point, and still is. As Facebook was conceiving video ads it’s natural they’d look to Instagram for some insight and data. Instagram may not be earning revenue with […]

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Twitter’s IPO and revenue from mobile advertising

by Ian Rosenwach 9.17.2013

It’s a go! Since Twitter announced their IPO, one of the main topics of discussion has been how well positioned they are to generate substantial revenue from mobile advertising. The relative weakness of Facebook’s mobile ad strategy caused grief for the company and their investors during their IPO and the following months. So, it’s no […]

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Product marketing – how is it different?

by Ian Rosenwach 9.5.2013

If you type “what is product marketing” into Google, this is the Google-supplied definition (borrowed from Wikipedia)  – Product marketing deals with the first of the “7P”‘s of marketing, which are Product, Pricing, Place, and Promotion, Packaging, Positioning & People. In this post I’m going to try to explain my point of view on what […]

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Book Review: Odyssey – Pepsi To Apple, by John Sculley

by Ian Rosenwach 3.4.2010

In Odyssey, Pepsi to Apple, John Sculley tells his story of working at Pepsi and then as President at Apple. Sculley was at Apple from 1983 – 1993 as CEO.  The book was written in 1988 while Sculley was still Apple CEO. There is one good reason to read this book and that is to […]

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Steve Jobs on Apple’s core value

by Ian Rosenwach 7.26.2009

Steve Jobs on Apple’s core value – “We believe that people with passion can change the world for the better”

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Business blogs and evangelism

by Ian Rosenwach 7.21.2009

Why business blogs should focus on cheerleaders, not lead-generation – Blog – Startups + Marketing + Geekery: Interesting post about how corporate blogs are best utilized to empower and strenghthen “cheerleaders” as opposed to generating leads.  Cheerleaders are your brand advocates – your most loyal, fierce customers.  They can have a big impact when provided with […]

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