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Only Apple

by Ian Rosenwach 9.11.2014

Now I know what “Only Apple” means. After reading more about the Apple Watch late last night 1, it became clear to me that only Apple could launch the products services they can at the scale they can. Below are some of the elements that, when combined, make Apple the only Company that can accomplish what they […]

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Disrupting cable TV will take a team effort

by Ian Rosenwach 2.22.2014

Bottom line: Cable is a huge entrenched industry. Innovation and disruption will take a team effort.  The proposed Comcast Time Warner merger cements the fact that the cable industry is not open to disruptive partnerships. If approved, the company would maintain the status quo by providing consumers with fewer choices; not innovation. See Paul Krugman’s Op-Ed […]

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Is the Internet a public utility?

by Ian Rosenwach 2.3.2014

The question is, Has the Internet become so fundamental to our lives that it is, in essence, a utility that should be subject to regulation? (NYT) Nick Bilton poses the above question today on the New York Times’ website. It’s a question that is at the heart of the net neutrality debate. Net neutrality refers […]

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Comparing Rdio and Spotify iOS apps

by Ian Rosenwach 2.3.2013

As an avid music listener and product manager, I like understanding the different music products on the market. I started using subscription streaming services with Rdio about 3 years ago, switched to Spotify about a year ago, then decided to switch back to Rdio a few weeks back. Not as much because Spotify was not […]

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Digital Pollution

by Ian Rosenwach 9.23.2012

“It is absolutely a race between our ability to create data and our ability to store and manage data,” Mr. Burton said. Our ability to create data is winning. The New York Times has a good article on data center energy consumption.  It turns out the “cloud” and the dozens of web services we all use […]

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What if Facebook was the Master Switch?

by Ian Rosenwach 3.21.2011

In this post I’ll combine concepts from two books I read recently – “The Facebook Effect” (review here) by David Kirkpatrick, and “The Master Switch” by Tim Wu. In “The Master Switch” (review here) Wu mentions Facebook three times, each in passing.  He doesn’t choose to go into how the FB phenomena will impact how […]

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Book Review: The Master Switch

by Ian Rosenwach 3.20.2011

I’ll confess – the middle 150 pages or so of “The Master Switch”, by Tim Wu, went by slowly. But the final 100 pages more than make up for it. Wu covers the emergence of communications empires from telegraph to telephone, radio to broadcast TV, and cable TV to the Internet. He provides context on […]

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The Tyranny of the 10 MB Tumblr Audio Limit

by Ian Rosenwach 8.23.2009

As great as it is that Tumblr allows users to share a song and other audio, there is a 10 MB limit. I run into this barrier from time to time. Most recently trying to upload Backwards Down the Number Line, the new single from Phish’s forthcoming album Joy. I’m sure we can all agree […]

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by Ian Rosenwach 8.3.2009

Twitter URL Service Says No to Ads, Yes to Data-Mining News | Epicenter | I’m intrigued by It may be easy technology to replicate (at least the URL shortening part), but they were the early entrant into a growing market. Their analytics is clearly their core. Twitter may have a giant Network, […]

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Apple breaks up with Google

by Ian Rosenwach 8.3.2009

Google’s Schmidt Leaves Apple Board – “Unfortunately, as Google enters more of Apple’s core businesses, with Android and now Chrome OS, Eric’s effectiveness as an Apple board member will be significantly diminished, since he will have to recuse himself from even larger portions of our meetings due to potential conflicts of interest,” Mr. Jobs […]

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