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10 Years is a Lifetime in Search

by Ian Rosenwach 7.29.2009

The Yahoo-Microsoft deal is finally sealed.  The first part that jumped out at me is the 10 year agreement. 10 years is a LIFETIME in search.  The market is going to change, and this partnership does not guarantee a long-term, formidable Google competitor. If Yahoo and MSFT don’t enhance their core product to improve the […]

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IBM acquisition of SPSS – catching up to the Web-based World

by Ian Rosenwach 7.28.2009

Yesterday IBM acuired SPSS for $1.2 billion.  SPSS is in the business of analyzing large amount of data and building models that look at the data in ways useful to a business.  IBM is smart to start providing tools and services to power the web-based world. Software like SPSS will become more valuable as we […]

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Attribution in Affiliate Marketing

by Ian Rosenwach 7.21.2009

Affiliate Window Blog » Affiliate Multi-attribution Model Discussed: This is a blog post from a UK affiliate network about attribution and the “last click wins” model of affiliate marketing.  This means that the site that the consumer last clicked through before completing an action (usually a purchase) gets 100% of the advertiser commission.  Attribution refers […]

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