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Five Predictions for 2017

by Ian Rosenwach 1.2.2017

Here’s my shot at predicting what 2017 will bring – 1. Privatization – Federal government programs from healthcare to social security will be under constant threat of privatization. It’s already been floated for the VA healthcare system. It’s not a fun year to be a federal government employee – our institutions will be scrutinized like […]

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2014 Predictions Revisited

by Ian Rosenwach 12.24.2014

It’s prediction season! 2015 predictions coming soon, but first I’ll revisit my 2014 predictions and see how I did. Here are my 2014 predictions and my self-assigned grade for each. 1 – A Big Year for Female Leaders I predicted that a female would be named CEO of a large company and generally women would rise […]

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Is the Internet a public utility?

by Ian Rosenwach 2.3.2014

The question is, Has the Internet become so fundamental to our lives that it is, in essence, a utility that should be subject to regulation? (NYT) Nick Bilton poses the above question today on the New York Times’ website. It’s a question that is at the heart of the net neutrality debate. Net neutrality refers […]

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2013: Year in Review

by Ian Rosenwach 12.28.2013

It’s the time of year when people look back at how 2013 will be remembered. Quartz sees a lost year for tech, much to the chagrin of Jon Gruber at DaringFireball. Beyond the tech world, the consensus for 2013 seems to be: “It was ok.” I think people are having a hard time putting their […]

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by Ian Rosenwach 11.19.2013

By contrast, McKinsey noted, the federal marketplace’s design was marked by “evolving requirements” that shifted throughout the design phase, leaving scant time to test the system before its launch. The Washington Post had an informative article today about a presentation delivered by the consulting firm McKinsey & Co. to federal officials. This post is not […]

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Governing California deemed impossible

by Ian Rosenwach 7.22.2009

““I’m beginning to think it’s almost impossible to be a successful governor out there,” Pattison said. “There’s too many impediments.”” – The Take: California’s Budget Woes Offer Lessons for Washington –

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