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Apple and the Natural Tension Between Design and Engineering

by Ian Rosenwach 4.26.2017

Summary: If Apple decides it’s a design company, it risks not being about to launch game-changing products. Apple should be a product company, and navigating the balance between engineering and design is the company’s secret sauce. Neil Cybart from Above Avalon’s post on defining Apple as a design company got me thinking about the natural (and healthy!) […]

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The Impact of Apple TV Universal Search on Content Apps

by Ian Rosenwach 9.16.2015

Summary: If universal search for Apple TV is widely adopted there are implications for viewer behavior as well as media companies and their Apple TV content apps. They may no longer play the role of gatekeeper, and instead need to focus on the user experience and structuring data to appear high in Apple TV search results. There […]

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Subscribing to apps on the Apple TV

by Ian Rosenwach 1.15.2011

I’ve been using Netflix Instant lately, streamed through the Apple TV.  This gets me thinking about the best model for streaming digital content to the TV. One path the market could take is using the same app-based ecosystem Apple has encouraged on their other platforms. What if there was an app store for Apple TV? […]

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Thoughts on Apple TV

by Ian Rosenwach 12.23.2010

I’ve had my Apple TV for about a month and thought I’d post a few thoughts. Netflix – after seeing streaming Netflix on the Wii, I wanted to be able to do the same.  This was a big reason for going with the Apple TV.   It’s been great, but a problem is content breadth.  I’ve […]

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