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What is “Fake News”?

by Ian Rosenwach 11.15.2016

Yesterday Google and Facebook both announced they were cracking down on “fake news” sites that are using their ad networks to make money. First some background: Google and Facebook have publisher networks that display ads sold by Google or FB on their site.  The revenue from those ads is split between the Publisher and Google/FB. […]

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Who will become the Operating System of Things?

by Ian Rosenwach 2.12.2014

The sprawling web of interconnected products that has resulted now thoroughly dominates our experience of consumer technology: if you own a Google Chromebook, your life will be much easier if you use Android and Chromecast and Google Drive, and much more painful if you try to use Windows Phone, Apple TV, and Dropbox. (Matt Buchanan, […]

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Apple on the defensive?

by Ian Rosenwach 1.20.2014

Instead of the round-the-block lines that have greeted Apple product introductions in China and other countries in the past, only about a dozen customers showed up to buy iPhones at the opening of a store in Beijing – despite the presence of a special guest, the Apple chief executive, Timothy D. Cook. (NYT) I admire […]

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An Icons Tale, a.k.a demystifying the tiny images on the lower right hand corner of Gmail theme preview icons

by Ian Rosenwach 11.5.2013

Most of you probably know that some Gmail theme designs can change based on certain things, like time of day. Something you might not know (I didn’t) is that the theme options screen actually tells you this. In those tiny theme preview icons. The fact that someone had to explain this to me, then we […]

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How the Web is Changing Software

by Ian Rosenwach 6.14.2011

Jon Gruber at Daring Fireball and Pascal-Emmanuel Gobry at Silicon Alley Insider have great pieces on what iCloud says about how the Web is changing software.  This is my takeaway from this debate. Let’s start with stating that the Internet is a medium for software distribution. Webpages are software, and the Web is a unique […]

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The Content Subscription Wars

by Ian Rosenwach 2.16.2011

This week both Apple and Google announced new Content Subscription Platforms for Publishers.  Google calls their One Pass while Apple’s runs within the App Store.   Google Checkout powers the payment component of One Pass. This will be an uphill fight for Google, for at least two big reasons: I don’t know exact numbers, but expect […]

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Why Sharing Matters

by Ian Rosenwach 1.30.2011

I’ve been familiar with GetGlue for a while but haven’t been compelled to sign up.  For those of you that haven’t heard, GetGlue lets user check in to various activities, like watching a movie or sporting event. Today, I took the plunge. In this post I’ll tell you what compelled me to join GetGlue, and […]

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Empowering Local Businesses to Be Online

by Ian Rosenwach 12.26.2010

There’s been a lot of buzz about web companies targeting the local market in the 2nd half of 2010, and I think the key theme for 2011 will be local and mobile, as the two are interwoven.  This post is on local. Imagine the typical local merchant – small specialty shops, dry cleaners, dentists, restaurant […]

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Google Latitude, the iPhone, and Apple’s values

by Ian Rosenwach 9.10.2009

I’ve just started using Google Latitude for iPhone more.  But there’s a problem I knew about but hadn’t experienced. My friends who have Blackberries have their location constantly updated on the phone.  I have to actually navigate to the Latitude website in Safari for my location to be updated! This is because Apple does not […]

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Google, China, and brand nationalism

by Ian Rosenwach 9.5.2009

On Thursday news broke that Google’s China chief, Kai Fun-Lee, was resigning. This was positioned in the media as a blow to Google’s China efforts. This story, translated from Chinese, provides some excellent perspective. The article in the WSJ had an interesting tidbit: “Mr. Lee’s departure is the end to a tenure in which some […]

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