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Apple and the Natural Tension Between Design and Engineering

by Ian Rosenwach 4.26.2017

Summary: If Apple decides it’s a design company, it risks not being about to launch game-changing products. Apple should be a product company, and navigating the balance between engineering and design is the company’s secret sauce. Neil Cybart from Above Avalon’s post on defining Apple as a design company got me thinking about the natural (and healthy!) […]

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Apple/Beats – 2 premium brands are better than 1

by Ian Rosenwach 5.12.2014

Apple faced a problem – how could they reach new customers without tarnishing the Apple brand, which commands a huge premium that has driven Apple’s growth? Answer #1: Launch a cheaper, more colorful iPhone! Call it the iPhone 5c. Give people different color cases to let them express themselves and personalize Apple devices more than ever […]

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DressCast 2 is live in the App Store

by Ian Rosenwach 11.18.2013

The new version of DressCast for iPhone went live last week. DressCast is an iPhone app that gives customers outfit ideas based on the weather. What’s new app without a demo video? The design objectives (loosely defined) were – Be more aligned with iOS7 in terms of screen resolution, outfit resolution, icons, and flatter design […]

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Map + Search Service

by Ian Rosenwach 10.18.2013

This is an idea for a map app that is focused on creating an optimized route for people that want to run multiple errands. The user could input search terms for things they want to get done, and the service finds the best route that accomplishes each of your goals. For example, you want to […]

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History Repeats Itself – Google is the Microsoft of Mobile Computing

by Ian Rosenwach 11.2.2009

History is repeating itself in the mobile marketplace. Some of the companies have changed, but the business strategies and even a few of the players are still the same. In looking back to how the PC market developed, Microsoft took an open approach. They licensed their OS to lots of hardware makers and said “you […]

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The iPhone, China, and Africa

by Ian Rosenwach 8.27.2009

I bet Steve Jobs has an image like this in his office. China would be a big market to enter, but notice the lack of penetration in Africa. I assume the market just isn’t there. The One Laptop per Child Project aimed to bring low-cost CPU’s to the developing world. Perhaps the netbook (or even […]

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