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Book Review: The Year Without Pants, and the future of work

by Ian Rosenwach 10.30.2013

Summary: A good book if you are part of, lead, or want to lead a distributed (remote) development team. Also, if you’re interested in how to prioritize culture as an organization. But don’t expect much insight into the business behind WordPress.  “The Year Without Pants”, by Scott Berkun, chronicles Berkun’s year working at Automattic, the […]

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Book Review: Odyssey – Pepsi To Apple, by John Sculley

by Ian Rosenwach 3.4.2010

In Odyssey, Pepsi to Apple, John Sculley tells his story of working at Pepsi and then as President at Apple. Sculley was at Apple from 1983 – 1993 as CEO.  The book was written in 1988 while Sculley was still Apple CEO. There is one good reason to read this book and that is to […]

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Companies with Soul

by Ian Rosenwach 10.29.2009

Can a Company have soul? We all have certain perceptions about products or services we use.  Some of them have a certain ‘glow’ about them.  Perhaps it’s because they are doing something different, something that touches our core and reminds us of something real. What does it mean for a Company to have soul?  First […]

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