The Tyranny of the 10 MB Tumblr Audio Limit

by Ian Rosenwach on 8.23.2009

As great as it is that Tumblr allows users to share a song and other audio, there is a 10 MB limit. I run into this barrier from time to time. Most recently trying to upload Backwards Down the Number Line, the new single from Phish’s forthcoming album Joy. I’m sure we can all agree that there are some great tunes and audio tracks that are greater than 10 MB.

This music sharing aspect of Tumblr is gaining some traction, and I understand that hosting music takes server space and therefore is an expense.

But in this day and age I don’t think that hardware or server space should limit the utility of any product. I understand removing the 10 MB limit would be risky and increase costs, but let’s at least up it to 25 MB. Or, let users pay more for a premium audio-sharing products. Let users share some longer, more improvisational music. Jazz, segues, classical, and maybe even the occasional hour long podcast.

4 – 6 minute radio-friendly tunes are great, but there’s a whole lot of music out there to be discovered. Artists won’t let a 10 MB limit stop them in the studio, or on stage :)

Just a friendly suggestion, and tyranny may be too strong a word.  Tumblr is an interesting product and I look forward to watching it evolve.

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