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Exposed file systems in the Post-PC OS. Is it worth it?

by Ian Rosenwach 2.25.2013

Jean-Louis Gassee has an interesting article in his Monday Note about the tradeoffs in exposing file systems in an operations system.  This essentially means giving users access to view, edit, and delete individual files.  We’ve all dealt with the notion of file extensions, file names, folders, having the ability to modify any of these from Windows.  As we […]

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Digital Pollution

by Ian Rosenwach 9.23.2012

“It is absolutely a race between our ability to create data and our ability to store and manage data,” Mr. Burton said. Our ability to create data is winning. The New York Times has a good article on data center energy consumption.  It turns out the “cloud” and the dozens of web services we all use […]

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Lessons from Steve Jobs

by Ian Rosenwach 8.24.2011

Steve Jobs means a lot of things to a lot of people.  I thought I’d write down a few themes which I think he personifies. There’s a lot to say and plenty of people saying it! Here’s my .02 – Inspiring Leadership Scales – Steve gives Apple a soul.  I’ve visited the Apple campus and […]

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How the Web is Changing Software

by Ian Rosenwach 6.14.2011

Jon Gruber at Daring Fireball and Pascal-Emmanuel Gobry at Silicon Alley Insider have great pieces on what iCloud says about how the Web is changing software.  This is my takeaway from this debate. Let’s start with stating that the Internet is a medium for software distribution. Webpages are software, and the Web is a unique […]

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Book Review: The Master Switch

by Ian Rosenwach 3.20.2011

I’ll confess – the middle 150 pages or so of “The Master Switch”, by Tim Wu, went by slowly. But the final 100 pages more than make up for it. Wu covers the emergence of communications empires from telegraph to telephone, radio to broadcast TV, and cable TV to the Internet. He provides context on […]

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Book Review: The Facebook Effect

by Ian Rosenwach 3.7.2011

This weekend while in Florida I read The Facebook Effect, by David Kirkpatrick. Overall it was a great read. I highly recommend it if you’re interested in what qualities are found in companies that get big fast.  Maybe even more so it’s a book about what makes great Technology and Internet Company leaders. This book […]

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RSS should be “unbundled”

by Ian Rosenwach 11.25.2009

Why, as a web Publisher, why can I not easily send an update to my RSS subscribers without publishing a new post? Let’s say I have 700 RSS subscribers, and this is the primary way that people read my content.  Would Publishers find it valuable to be able to send a direct message to these […]

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Google Latitude, the iPhone, and Apple’s values

by Ian Rosenwach 9.10.2009

I’ve just started using Google Latitude for iPhone more.  But there’s a problem I knew about but hadn’t experienced. My friends who have Blackberries have their location constantly updated on the phone.  I have to actually navigate to the Latitude website in Safari for my location to be updated! This is because Apple does not […]

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Browser Tab Interoperability wish

by Ian Rosenwach 8.13.2009

I wish that I can open all the tabs I have open in Firefox in Google Chrome, with the click of a button.  Or for that matter from Internet Explorer to Firefox, IE to Chrome, and all permutations. Chrome is more powerful in certain ways, and if  I’m watching a lot of videos and listening […]

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Friendfeed becomes Facebook Friendfood

by Ian Rosenwach 8.10.2009

Today Facebook acquired Friendfeed for approximately $50 million in cash and stock, according to the WSJ. I use Friendfeed for work, but not personally. We have 190 subscribers.  It seemed like a nice way to aggregate all our different social media feeds, and I put the widget on our blog.  I also wanted to reach […]

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