It’s prediction season! 2015 predictions coming soon, but first I’ll revisit my 2014 predictions and see how I did.

Here are my 2014 predictions and my self-assigned grade for each.

1 – A Big Year for Female Leaders

I predicted that a female would be named CEO of a large company and generally women would rise in politics. I don’t think this has panned out. Satya Nadella was named chief of Microsoft, Angela Ahrendts has laid low at Apple. It’s still early for Hillary to take charge. There’s been a lot of talk about diversity in tech but that conversation includes much more than gender diversity.

Grade: B

2 – The ObamaCare Quagmire

I predicted that would get worse before it got better. This hasn’t been that case from what I’ve seen. Things are actually looking pretty good. New issues emerge and old ones are forgotten. All part of the modern day warpspeed media cycle.

Grade: C

3 – Niche Publishing Platforms Gain Ground

We’ve seen the rise of Medium, Vox, Buzzfeed, and the like. I think I did alright on this one. Vox and Buzzfeed both raised big capital rounds at impressive valuations. Startups with strong tech DNA continue to build superior publishing platform. We’ve seen a few big names move from (and then leave) big media brands to scrappier upstarts.

Grade: A-

4 – Big Year for Liberty and Privacy Advocates

This has been a big year for both people and companies realizing the importance of cybersecurity.The Sony hacking is just the latest. But we haven’t seen a strong movement advocating more privacy and less government snooping. The NSA revelations seem to have been lost as the news cycle spins. What will it take for people to insist on taking full ownership of their own data?

Grade: B-

5 – A Retreat from Mundane Sharing

I thought people would share less in 2014. Meaning posting fewer things to Facebook and other social sharing platforms. I don’t really have any evidence here. We did see the continued rise of apps like Snapchat and Secret, which are focused on ephemeral and anonymous sharing. But my sense is that the vast majority of people stick to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and the “broadcast” social networks. I guess we all want our 15 minutes of fame.

Grade: B-

Overall Grade: B-

Hopefully I can do better in 2015!


Technology + Fashion = Social Utility

by Ian Rosenwach 10.9.2014

We’re only in the beginning of the convergence of fashion and technology. What will the future look like? (My) Definitions Fashion is how we express ourselves to the outside world. Technology is using tools to improve the quality of life. Technology becomes a utility when paired with fashion. Since many of the utilities in our […]

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Only Apple

by Ian Rosenwach 9.11.2014

Now I know what “Only Apple” means. After reading more about the Apple Watch late last night 1, it became clear to me that only Apple could launch the products services they can at the scale they can. Below are some of the elements that, when combined, make Apple the only Company that can accomplish what they […]

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How to Save Mankind

by Ian Rosenwach 8.28.2014

“press 1 for billing.” “press 2 for technical help.” “press 3 for sales.” “press 6 to speak to an operator.” Stop the madness. Someone, please, make a touchscreen, smartphone-focused customer service app. It would look like this – You get the idea. Why do people have to wait to hear what option each # on the […]

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E-Commerce and the Internet of Things

by Ian Rosenwach 8.3.2014

On Friday ReadWriteWeb offered up the below quote from eBay’s VP of innovation – Steve Yankovich, eBay’s VP of innovation and new ventures, sees the future of mobile commerce as various shopping interfaces that will be woven effortlessly throughout daily life—shoppable screens at the airport, at a bar table, at a mall. He heads up the company’s Zero Effort Commerce initiative, […]

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Apple/Beats – 2 premium brands are better than 1

by Ian Rosenwach 5.12.2014

Apple faced a problem – how could they reach new customers without tarnishing the Apple brand, which commands a huge premium that has driven Apple’s growth? Answer #1: Launch a cheaper, more colorful iPhone! Call it the iPhone 5c. Give people different color cases to let them express themselves and personalize Apple devices more than ever […]

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Twitter is Dead. Long Live Twitter.

by Ian Rosenwach 5.6.2014

Twitter has had a lot of explaining to do of late. They need to onboard and activate new users while keeping existing users happy. They have to help Wall Street and the media understand Twitter’s business. Last but not least, they have to ensure advertisers see the value in Twitter as an ad platform. How is […]

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Your Move, New York Times Company

by Ian Rosenwach 3.24.2014

Last week the Washington Post announced a program for partner newspapers to provide their subscribers with access to paid digital Washington Post content. Initial partner companies will be local papers like the Dallas Morning News and Honolulu Star-Advertiser. It’s an ambitious first move of the Post under Jeff Bezos, and provides a window into his long-term strategy […]

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by Ian Rosenwach 3.12.2014

Summary: Apple’s achilles heel is fast becoming it’s software and services layer. If something is not done quickly, Apple is at risk of falling behind in software just like Microsoft did in hardware via it’s OPM partners.  Today Apple is the dominant force in hardware + software integration. But they’re at risk of losing their […]

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Disrupting cable TV will take a team effort

by Ian Rosenwach 2.22.2014

Bottom line: Cable is a huge entrenched industry. Innovation and disruption will take a team effort.  The proposed Comcast Time Warner merger cements the fact that the cable industry is not open to disruptive partnerships. If approved, the company would maintain the status quo by providing consumers with fewer choices; not innovation. See Paul Krugman’s Op-Ed […]

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