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iOS, Safari, and the Mobile Browser War

by Ian Rosenwach 1.2.2018

In the U.S., Chrome has 39% market share, behind Apple Inc.’s Safari browser, which has 52%. UC Browser has less than 1% market share in the U.S. – WSJ (subscription required) The article from the WSJ is about how Google Chrome lags UC Browser (owned by Alibaba) in Asian markets but wow — that stat […]

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What Facebook Video Ads learned from Video on Instagram

by Ian Rosenwach 12.18.2013

Remember Video on Instagram? It was announced 6 months ago with much fanfare as a new way for users to share stories. Instagram was owned by Facebook at that point, and still is. As Facebook was conceiving video ads it’s natural they’d look to Instagram for some insight and data. Instagram may not be earning revenue with […]

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Twitter’s IPO and revenue from mobile advertising

by Ian Rosenwach 9.17.2013

It’s a go! Since Twitter announced their IPO, one of the main topics of discussion has been how well positioned they are to generate substantial revenue from mobile advertising. The relative weakness of Facebook’s mobile ad strategy caused grief for the company and their investors during their IPO and the following months. So, it’s no […]

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The Wall Street Journal Subscription Puzzle

by Ian Rosenwach 6.27.2012

I tried to cancel my Wall Street Journal print subscription today, but couldn’t bring myself to it. From what I could find the only way to cancel was the call their toll-free # or mail, so I called. I was informed by a very nice customer service representative that I would have no cost savings […]

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Unleashing Creativity: A Technique for Producing Ideas

by Ian Rosenwach 2.21.2011

Today I read a small, interesting book called a Technique for Producing Ideas.  It was recommended to me by one of my Columbia Professors.  The book was written in 1965 by James Webb Young, an Advertising man.  You get the sense this book was written during the “Mad Men” times.  Advertising was an art.  A […]

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Changing CPC payouts on ad networks based on traffic “quality”

by Ian Rosenwach 9.13.2009

eBay and Yahoo have both recently changed how they pay the Publishers in their ad networks.  The eBay Partner Network was a CPA-based affiliate network, up to this point.  Their communications both talk about payout being based on the “quality” of the publishers traffic.  Quality as determined by their algorithms.  TechCrunch writes up the Yahoo […]

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Widget companies, virtual goods, and advertising

by Ian Rosenwach 8.4.2009

“Think of us like an e-commerce business,” says Keith Rabois, Slide’s vice president of strategy and business development. Internet Start-Ups Diversify Their Business Models – Keith Rabois of Slide means e-commerce in terms of virtual goods. This may make sense internationally, especially Asia, but is a pretty big bet on an uncertain market in […]

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10 Years is a Lifetime in Search

by Ian Rosenwach 7.29.2009

The Yahoo-Microsoft deal is finally sealed.  The first part that jumped out at me is the 10 year agreement. 10 years is a LIFETIME in search.  The market is going to change, and this partnership does not guarantee a long-term, formidable Google competitor. If Yahoo and MSFT don’t enhance their core product to improve the […]

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Another reason why Amazon won’t commission on sales from shortened URL’s

by Ian Rosenwach 7.24.2009

There’s a post on Search Engine Journal about a new Amazon policy of not paying out commission to Amazon Associates who drive a referral (sale) using a “shortened” URL. The post focuses a lot on implications to social media marketing, but it may be about something different – PageRank and natural search. Amazon leverages it’s […]

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Inside AdWords: Conversion Optimizer is now available to more campaigns

by Ian Rosenwach 7.22.2009

Inside AdWords: Conversion Optimizer is now available to more campaigns: Speaking about the need to own the entire consumer journey- Conversion Optimizer is an attempt by Google to integrate with advertisers to gain conversion data.  It also helps advertisers more efficiently spend their advertising dollars by automatically adjusting their CPC bids based on conversion history. […]

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